Finally, new versions

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It’s been a long time since the last update. Over three years. What can I say, I had a lot to do and many other things came across.

Anyway, today Apple finally approved new versions of PwGen and PwGen Pro. Both updates are very minor. All they bring is some smaller bugfixes that should fix rare crashes on newer iOS versions. Remember? The last version was for iOS 3 (!!!). We now have iOS 6 on the horizon and I’m working on a completely rewritten version of PwGen. I hope it will be released within the next weeks. I don’t want to promise anything. All I’m saying is, that I’ve come to far to stop now. ;-)

Beside that, I have some other interesting projects in the pipeline which I hope will be released by the end of this year. But no promises here either. I plan to write here a bit more often in the future as I have the feeling that my skills improved in a way that I can give back something to the Objective-C community. We will see how that plays out over the next time.

But enough for now. Here are the links to the new version:

PwGen 1.4

PwGen Pro 1.2


New version finally available

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It was a long exhausting journey but eventually we arrived. :-)

The new versions of PwGen and PwGen pro are available in the AppStore. I already spoke about the new features of the password generators. But just to make sure – here is a short list


  • Added support for pasteboard
  • E-Mails will be sent directly from within the application
  • Some minor interface tweaks (fonts, typos etc.)

PwGen Pro

  • Added a new feature called “Repeater”. Based on two inputs, the app will create a password for you. This password will always be the same when you enter the same input values. You can use it as lightweight sort of password safe.
  • Added support for pasteboard
  • E-Mails will be sent directly from within the application
  • Some minor interface tweaks (fonts, typos etc.)

I will upload some screenshots here as soon as I make that work again in my wordpress installation. ;-)

New versions underway

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After a loooooong period of silence I uploaded new version of PwGen and PwGen Pro to Apple today.

I hope they will be approved this time. You might remember that I had some serious problems when I tried to updated the pro version last time. That days I couldn’t find the problem because of which the new version way rejected by Apple. But I’m pretty sure I found it today (sometimes you just need an outtime of one year  to getting things done, right?) and so I fixed that.

When I finished that I thought that it might be a good idea to also implement some things that have changed since the last version. So I decided to put some more effort into it and implemented support for the pasteboard and in-app emails.

The update for the pro version is of course free for all customers who already purchased it.

Internally I eventually cleaned up my subversion and brought everything to the right revision. So I’m ready to do some more stuff in the future if anyone comes up with a brilliant idea for a new feature.

Updates / Past and Future

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First of all I really have to apology for the silence the last months. I somehow lost the motivation to work on the applications over the trouble I had with the Apple review process. Anyhow, I have a new and in my eyes neat idea to realize and so I restarted iPhone developing. It’s much harder than I thought it would be. I really have to start from scratch in many areas. But I think it will just take a few days to get back on track.

Believe me, I would rather release new PwGen versions today than tomorrow but I have to wait what Apple says about the new version. You know the game.

Anyway, I hope I have something more to tell here over the next days and / or weeks.


PwGenPro in review – heat 2

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Last tuesday I wrote, that I sent a new version of PwGenPro to the Apple review department. Unfortunately the update was rejected because of a stupid crash of the application. Well, AppStore guy reported a crash that I could not reproduce but I found a nother one. Now I have fixed that and hope that the other crash will not appear again.

PwGenPro is in review

I also took the chance to add a small new feature. You can now set, that the tool should avoid ambigious characters. It’s pretty easy because it just leaves I and O out of the character base. This is by the way a feature that was requested by user who gave me feedback! ;-)

Donate for my “blog imperium”

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if you read this blog you might be someone who purchased “PwGen Pro”. Maybe you are user of “PwGen”. In any case you are a reader of this blog. This is not the only blog I operate. I’m also author of

This is all free of charge and because I need a new MacBook Pro I’m trying to collect the money by the end of the year. To achieve that I started the “donate for my blog imperium” campaign. If you want to support me you can got to and spend some money to my PayPal Account.

I will really appreciate every little donation but now you might ask what you got for you money. Well, what you get are much karma points and backlinks on three different pages for only one donation.

Thanks in advance,

New private blog

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This is just a short note and small cross promotion for another site of mine. Today I launched a german blog called It’s in german language and so some of you might be interested in that.

That’s it for now. :)


New version of PwGen Pro submitted to Apple

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this weekend I have uploaded a new version of PwGen Pro to Apple for approval. The new version number is 1.1 and it includes some bugfixes and a new feature.


  • “Repeater” is a new function to generate and store passwords. It takes a base password and a target and generates a password from these two. The same combination of base and target will always result in the same generated password.
    If you use mysecretbase as base password you could use the URL of a website as target to get a hash value based on this two words. It will always be the same as long as you use the same base and target.
  • The number of generated passwords can now be set more detailed in lower regions. (1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5)


  • The about text was editable
  • The settings icon was changed a little bit

This is a free upgrade for all who purchased PwGen Pro.



Apps for sale on Valentinesdays

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the guys from have organized an iPhone app sale campaign. 32 german developers will sell their applications in the AppStore for a special price on February 14th. On that day you can get up to 80% rebate on the applications. If you are interested in one of them, check on Valentinesday and take your chance.


AppsForSale on February 14.

AppsForSale on February 14th.




No SMS sending in PwGen

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one of the most requested features for one of the next versions of PwGen was sending passwords via SMS. Well, I tried to implement that but unfortunately it is not possible. You can’t set a bodytext for a new SMS programatically as you can do for new emails. It’s sad but true. This feature will not be in the tool in the next time. Sorry folks.