Donate for my “blog imperium”

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if you read this blog you might be someone who purchased “PwGen Pro”. Maybe you are user of “PwGen”. In any case you are a reader of this blog. This is not the only blog I operate. I’m also author of

This is all free of charge and because I need a new MacBook Pro I’m trying to collect the money by the end of the year. To achieve that I started the “donate for my blog imperium” campaign. If you want to support me you can got to and spend some money to my PayPal Account.

I will really appreciate every little donation but now you might ask what you got for you money. Well, what you get are much karma points and backlinks on three different pages for only one donation.

Thanks in advance,

New private blog

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This is just a short note and small cross promotion for another site of mine. Today I launched a german blog called It’s in german language and so some of you might be interested in that.

That’s it for now. 🙂


Waiting for PwGen 1.2

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Yesterday evening I submitted version 1.2 of PwGen to Apple. No I’m waiting for the Review. Normally this takes around 8 days.
Version 1.2 contains some bugfixes concerning the e-mail feature. There is no default receiver pre-filled anymore and all kinds of passwords can be send now. The new feature in this version is about e-mail, too. You can send now the complete list of generated in a single e-mail.
This feature was implemented after several users requested it.



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this is my first post here. This page is related to my application(s) that are available via Apples AppStore. Currently there is only one app available but there might be some more in the future.

I think that this blog will not only be for my own applications but for some interesting things I find the AppStore. And maybe some development things as soon as Apple lifts this f***ing NDA. We’ll see.