Here is a short list with questions and answers I received about PwGen. If you have a question concerning the program contact me at

Q: The application don’t create any password since I updated to version 1.1

A: This is a problem with the update process. You can fix that easily by opening the settings application. Open options for PwGen and set the length and count for the passwords. Start up PwGen and all should work as before.

Q: Where can I change the settings?

A: Since version 1.1 you can find the changes in the global settings application which is normally located on the first page of your springboard. On the end of the setings list you’ll find a section for PwGen.

Q: What is reseeding?

A: The point of reseeding is, that the random values are generated by random number generator. This generator has to be initialized. This initial seed should be as random as possible to get most random results.

The initial seed (when you start the application) is the current UNIX timestamp. This is okay but not perfect because this values could be predicted. It’s not very likely but it’s possible. When you reseed the random number generator, the application calculates a new initilization number from the accelormeter while you move your phone.

The program tells you when it has generated a new seed. You can then go back to the password list and you will get very random passwords.