Finally, new versions

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It’s been a long time since the last update. Over three years. What can I say, I had a lot to do and many other things came across.

Anyway, today Apple finally approved new versions of PwGen and PwGen Pro. Both updates are very minor. All they bring is some smaller bugfixes that should fix rare crashes on newer iOS versions. Remember? The last version was for iOS 3 (!!!). We now have iOS 6 on the horizon and I’m working on a completely rewritten version of PwGen. I hope it will be released within the next weeks. I don’t want to promise anything. All I’m saying is, that I’ve come to far to stop now. 😉

Beside that, I have some other interesting projects in the pipeline which I hope will be released by the end of this year. But no promises here either. I plan to write here a bit more often in the future as I have the feeling that my skills improved in a way that I can give back something to the Objective-C community. We will see how that plays out over the next time.

But enough for now. Here are the links to the new version:

PwGen 1.4

PwGen Pro 1.2


New versions underway

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After a loooooong period of silence I uploaded new version of PwGen and PwGen Pro to Apple today.

I hope they will be approved this time. You might remember that I had some serious problems when I tried to updated the pro version last time. That days I couldn’t find the problem because of which the new version way rejected by Apple. But I’m pretty sure I found it today (sometimes you just need an outtime of one year  to getting things done, right?) and so I fixed that.

When I finished that I thought that it might be a good idea to also implement some things that have changed since the last version. So I decided to put some more effort into it and implemented support for the pasteboard and in-app emails.

The update for the pro version is of course free for all customers who already purchased it.

Internally I eventually cleaned up my subversion and brought everything to the right revision. So I’m ready to do some more stuff in the future if anyone comes up with a brilliant idea for a new feature.

New version of PwGen Pro submitted to Apple

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this weekend I have uploaded a new version of PwGen Pro to Apple for approval. The new version number is 1.1 and it includes some bugfixes and a new feature.


  • “Repeater” is a new function to generate and store passwords. It takes a base password and a target and generates a password from these two. The same combination of base and target will always result in the same generated password.
    If you use mysecretbase as base password you could use the URL of a website as target to get a hash value based on this two words. It will always be the same as long as you use the same base and target.
  • The number of generated passwords can now be set more detailed in lower regions. (1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5)


  • The about text was editable
  • The settings icon was changed a little bit

This is a free upgrade for all who purchased PwGen Pro.



PwGen Pro Update is online

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version 1.0.1 of PwGen Pro is in the AppStore now. This version fixes some bugs that where in version 1.0. The inline settings wor as expected now and the “mail all passwords in one e-mail” too.


PwGen Pro available

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Here we go:

**** Get it while it’s hot. PwGen Pro is on sale for $0.99 until friday Oct. 17th. After the introduction period, the price will be $1.99. ****

Get it via iTunes:

PwGen Pro accepted

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This morning I got a mail from Apple which tells me that PwGen Pro was accepted an will be available in AppStore soon. I’m happy and I will keep you informed.


All at once

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Is it just me, or does Apple collect certain kinds of apps for cumulated release in the AppStore?

I recognized that several times now. Today it happend again. Apple released, 4 (in words: four) apps for typing email in landscape mode. They are priced from 0.99 til 4.99 and all do exactly the same.

I don’t believe that this is pure coincidence. But on the other hand, I wonder how close this apps must have been submitted.

And last but not least, don’t they duplicate functionality of 😉


PwGen Pro is on the way

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Yesterday I uploaded PwGen Pro to Apple for review. The pro version of PwGen introduces some new features which where requested. The new features are:

  • In-App settings – You can now set most of the applications settings directly inside the application. No need to leave it and go to settings applications just for changing character set for example.
  • Phonetic passwords – PwGen Pro can create human readable passwords. This should it make much easier for people to remember the passwords without loosing too much safety.
  • The Reseed view was completely rewritten. It gives you more feedback about the progress and what actually happens now.
  • The interface was reorganized to get the new features in.
  • PwGen Pro is fully translated to german language.
The application will hopefully be available in the next days if Apple does not decide to reject it. It will be available in the AppStore for $0.99.
Some of the features will go into the free version sooner or later. I think I will port back some features to free version as soon as the next paid version will be released.
PwGen Pro Generator

PwGen Pro Generator

PwGen Pro Settings

PwGen Pro Settings


Apple changed AppStore [update]

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This weekend, Apple has changed the behavior of the AppStore. Number one is the comment change. In “the old days” everyone with an iTunes account could comment and rate an application. Fortunately, this is history now. Apple has changed this and now you can only rate an application if you actually bought it. I hope that really keeps that trolls away that rate an application with 1 star because it is too expensive in their eyes.

The second change is not that nice. Apple removed the “All iPhone applications”, “All iPod touch applications” and the “All free applications” links. Bad decision!

I mean, how can one keep an overview if you don’t have the ability to check for new apps? It also seems like the pinchmedia RSS feeds fetched their data from this pages!? I didn’t get any updates from this feeds since friday what is pretty strange. I can’t believe, that now new apps where released this weekend!?

I really hope that Apple makes overview links available again. Without them, the AppStore will become unusable.

A lot of ideas made their way through the net, why Apple is acting like it actually does. Many of them say, Apple is stupid and needs some time to check that they are on the wrong road. I really hope so, but can such a company be that stupid?

Macrumors just posted a page where feeds for the AppStore are available. Check out


AppStore – iTunes sync rant

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I just noted, that iTunes syncs your iTunes account to the iPhone. Well, that sounds not that critical on the first read but it becomes very odd if you don’t know the consequences.

Here is the situation. I have a german iTunes account as I live in Germany. From time to time, I check out the US store to see the US comments for PwGen. By the way, it’s a pity that it is not possible for AppStore developers to review *all* comments from all stores! But back to the story.

If you set your iTunes store to US for example and forget to set it back to german you will have a very (at least for me) strange behavior on your iPhone. The AppStore will be set to US! On my iPhone I have now the US prices in dollar and not longer the EURO prices. That is not the bad thing, because I know corresponding prices. What really is a mess, is that you can’t by anything because the AppStore tries to buy the apps in the US store. Even worse is, that you can’t set the AppStore back to german. This is only possible by setting the correct store in iTunes and sync your phone.

This is not really a solution if you are far away from your “sync-station”. I think Apple will sell this as feature but IMHO this is really an annoying bug. *narf*