What’s coming next?

Posted: October 22nd, 2008 | Author: | Filed under: My Applications, PwGen, PwGen Pro | Tags: , , | Comments Off on What’s coming next?

Now that the first version of PwGen Pro is in the AppStore I think about new features to implement. I got two smaller requests that should be very easy to implement.

First thing is to generate a new password each time you shake your phone. I’m not sure how I can implement that in the interface but I think I will find a solution.

Second thing is to send the passwords via SMS. I’m not sure about this one because I don’t see the use of it. But maybe someone needs it and it shouldn’t be to much hassle to bring that in.

A bigger change will be the rewrite of the generation algorithm. I want to bring in some advanced features to it and this makes it necessary to rewrite the generator.

Another thing I think about is which features I should to backport to the free version and when should I do that.

I appreciate any feedback.