AppStore – iTunes sync rant

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I just noted, that iTunes syncs your iTunes account to the iPhone. Well, that sounds not that critical on the first read but it becomes very odd if you don’t know the consequences.

Here is the situation. I have a german iTunes account as I live in Germany. From time to time, I check out the US store to see the US comments for PwGen. By the way, it’s a pity that it is not possible for AppStore developers to review *all* comments from all stores! But back to the story.

If you set your iTunes store to US for example and forget to set it back to german you will have a very (at least for me) strange behavior on your iPhone. The AppStore will be set to US! On my iPhone I have now the US prices in dollar and not longer the EURO prices. That is not the bad thing, because I know corresponding prices. What really is a mess, is that you can’t by anything because the AppStore tries to buy the apps in the US store. Even worse is, that you can’t set the AppStore back to german. This is only possible by setting the correct store in iTunes and sync your phone.

This is not really a solution if you are far away from your “sync-station”. I think Apple will sell this as feature but IMHO this is really an annoying bug. *narf*