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if you read this blog you might be someone who purchased “PwGen Pro”. Maybe you are user of “PwGen”. In any case you are a reader of this blog. This is not the only blog I operate. I’m also author of

This is all free of charge and because I need a new MacBook Pro I’m trying to collect the money by the end of the year. To achieve that I started the “donate for my blog imperium” campaign. If you want to support me you can got to and spend some money to my PayPal Account.

I will really appreciate every little donation but now you might ask what you got for you money. Well, what you get are much karma points and backlinks on three different pages for only one donation.

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PwGen Pro review #1 [UPDATE]

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Just a few minutes ago, the first review of PwGen Pro was released. Marc Thomalla from the german iPhone Application blog has reviewed the application and gave it a very good score as I interprete it. 🙂

For those of you, who are able to read german you can read the review here:

I will try to publish an english version here soon.

Here is the english version:

Secure passwords are essential in our digital life to don’t make it easier than necessary for the bad guys. With PwGen you have an app at hand that generates secure passwords in seconds and send it to you  via e-mail – even a lot of passwords at once.

First thing you should do is to go to the settings and select the type of the passwords. The following options are available:

  • Uppercase characters
  • Lowercase characters
  • Numbers
  • Special characters
  • Length (4-22)
  • Count (1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100)

After that you go back to the “Generator” and get your passwords. You can generate a new set every time you press the “Generate” button in the top right corner. The phonetic passwords can be pronounced but it needs some glibness  sometimes. 😉

A function that is called “reseed” generates passwords by moving the iPhone / touch. At the end of the process a loud bell rings (I was near to an heart-attack the first time…).

PwGen Pro is also available without the Pro as free version; the Pro version has the advantage of being completely localized to german language and that you can set almost all settings directly in the application instead of leaving the application and set them in the settings application of the device.

The maintainer promises to implement new features constantly. You can reach im over his website or Twitter (

The generated passwords can be send via the mail client – a very convenient feature.

– Download –

0.3MB can be downloaded here:

Download in iTunes-Store

– Pros and Cons –

  • + lots of good passwords
  • + passwords very secure and pronounceable (if you wish)
  • + program in german language and very fast
  • + passwords can be send via e-mail
  • + price: OK
  • – nothing at the moment

– Conclusion –

PwGen Pro convinces me with the really good passwords, which are pronounceable if you wish, that can be remembered though. Sending the passwords via e-mail is handy and supersedes to write them down.